Q: Is there any prepping that I should do prior to ProSeal sealing my driveway?
A: I suggest that if you live in a very wooded area where your driveway experiences pine tree needles, sap, moss or standing mulch piles – or if you have your lawn chemically treated – you may want to consider power washing your driveway and pulling back any vegetation that has grown on to the asphalt.

Q: How often do I need to have my driveway sealed?
A: On average about every 2-5 years although factors such as age/condition of the asphalt & traffic level can affect the frequency of application.

Q: How long must I stay off the asphalt after it’s been sealed?
A: 24 hours is ideal for moderate temperatures & humidity levels. Shaded areas may take longer, up to 48 hours. For your convenience, ProSeal can also include special additives to reduce the drying time, simply let us know your needs up front.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just buy a sealing product at a home-improvement store and do it myself?
A: Experience. Equally as bad for your asphalt as not keeping it sealed, is applying too much or applying it incorrectly. Most people think heavier is better, when in reality it will likely crack & even worsen your asphalt’s condition. Home kits are messy and can leave visible brush strokes plus many commercial and do-it-yourself products contain as little as 17% tar solids while federal specs call for at least 47%! Not only do our products meet all federal requirements, but ProSeal knows exactly what formula to use, how much to use and how to apply it, leaving your asphalt with a dark, even appearance.

Q: I’ve had people knock on my door and offer to seal my driveway. Is this the same product you use?
A: No! I strongly caution people to avoid these types of operations. These ‘gypsy’ companies are notorious for watering down their product in order to reduce their costs by doing a higher volume. These people often move from town-to-town, only concerned about new business – not customer satisfaction, repeat business or long-term results.

Q: Should I have my asphalt sealed after I have crack repair?
A: Yes, I recommend it. The sealer will not only enhance & prolong the repairs but will also cosmetically create a nicer, more consistent appearance overall.

Q: Do you have square footage minimum (or maximum) requirements for your jobs?
A: No. At ProSeal, a customer is a customer, big or small. We appreciate & take pride in all jobs of all sizes.

Q: My business is open every day. When would I get my parking lot sealed & striped?
A: ProSeal works around the customers’ needs with scheduling available 7 days a week including holidays. In these situations, we block off and work on small sections of a parking lot at a time. And because we can include special additives to reduce drying time, these sections only remain closed for a brief period – so your business’s traffic will not be inconvenienced in any way.